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Project Life Cycle

Here is how we will help you

Our Hotelier brand, a premier one-stop provider of custom-built hotel interiors, can help you secure everything you need to outfit truly unique accommodations.

We will supply practically every item your guest will encounter, from the marble tile and chandeliers in the lobby, to the beds and sinks in the guest rooms and baths, from the buffet islands and glassware in the dining rooms to the conference tables and multi-media screens in the meeting rooms.

Here is how we will help you through the process.

(You can choose our turn-key package from design coordination to complete installation, or you can select only the steps that you need.) We will:

  • Assess your needs and determine whether we are a good fit for your project.
  • Assign a staff expert who speaks the language of your preference.
  • Receive your interior design plans and supply a detailed quote on a mock-up room to give you an idea of our price range.
  • Continue quoting the costs for the project, including an estimate for the mock-up room.
  • Host you at our Experience Center, where you and your designer can choose from among hundreds of furniture styles, textile patterns, equipment designs and kitchen, restaurant and bath supplies.
  • Build the mock-up room in full size including guest bathroom and corridor. This takes 4 to 5 days.
  • Run value engineering sessions to seek efficiencies in producing the rooms and public spaces, potentially reducing costs by 7% to 20%.
  • Address your comments on the mock-up room and correct any imperfections.
  • Ship the sample room to your project site for installation.
  • Help you select all hotel operating items, from chinaware to napkins, from towels to soaps.
  • Prepare a project execution schedule that matches your site progress schedule.
  • Draw up an international standard contract for the whole project.
  • Ship on time and problem-free.
  • Offer complete installation services or supervision of the set up.

With this method we have opened more than 250 hotels in 19 countries over 20 years.

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