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Our Expertise

Our depth of experience gives us the edge

As hospitality veterans, we know what it takes to optimize space, to save owners money and time in hotel openings, and to create an extraordinary experience for guests.

Let us help you create a unique bespoke hotel.
Our team works seamlessly with your designer to bring your vision to life and produce a captivating, custom-built property.

Experience you can trust.
We have completely outfitted more than 250 hotels in 19 countries over 20 years, saving owners money and time, and earning repeat business from international chains and emerging brands.

Breathe easier with Hotelier in charge.
We free you from the hassles of selecting and qualifying multiple suppliers. We take on the headaches of managing a complex, multifaceted project — obtaining the best prices and materials and ensuring that work is done on time and on budget.

Value engineering is our hallmark.
We understand architecture and design and how to optimize space. In organizing your rooms and public spaces, we provide a variety of solutions for reducing costs while maintaining quality.

Rock bottom prices.
Our global network of suppliers and our experience in fulfilling multiple orders for several hotel projects at once help us secure the lowest costs for your interiors.

On budget, on time.
We value your business. We honor our deadlines. We combine creative talent with business knowledge to exceed your expectations. We deliver interiors that are rewarding for owners and eye-catching for customers.

Dealing with us is a breeze.
You evaluate, negotiate and discuss terms in your own language. We respond immediately to your inquiries and comments on all matters and work pro-actively to anticipate your needs and perfectly fulfil all requirements.

We furnish it all, from carpets to candlesticks.
Hotelier has everything you need to furnish and fit your hotel, from top to bottom. We supply every component of your design, whether its contemporary, modern, boutique-chic, or culturally-inspired.

We guide you from start to finish.
We will work with your team on choosing sample fabrics and fixtures, on creating a mock-up guest room for your inspection, all the way up to installation. We guarantee a 3-day turnaround for changes made during room mock-ups.

Visit our studios and showrooms.
See first-hand our vast product inventories and the craftsmanship of our mock-up spaces. Feel the textiles and see the colours come alive as we finalize a concept. See how we draw on structural elements like windows, floors and walls to maximize space and value. We make the most of textures, fabrics and finishes and are obsessed with the smallest of details.

We are masters at balancing needs and desires.
In realizing your vision, we also take care to reflect the guidelines and standards of the hotel brand you have chosen. We guarantee that projects are completed meeting hotel brand standards and owner-operator needs.

Perfectly satisfied customers.
We deliver hotel interiors that are exciting and memorable so your guests can’t wait to return. Our clients applaud our work and always hire us again.

Our protective packaging is state-of-the-art.
We know how to wrap and ship components to keep them dry and safe during handling and storage.

We provide after-sales service and warranty.
We adhere to international standards of conduct in our customer service and dealings with suppliers, guaranteeing that we meet your timeline and quality specifications.

Rest assured that we follow international contracting terms.
We solidify our relationship with you by adhering to international contracting standards. Our agreements follow global guidelines when it comes to standards of service, timetable for delivery, regulatory compliance and monitoring goods and services.